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British Emerald bronco tolex
British Emerald Green bronco tolex

Heavy weight fabric backed vinyl. Two toned tan pebble grain pattern.
Tolex is now sold in narrower width and kit options to allow you to wrap your cabinet in one piece and reduce the amount of wasted material!

  • 18" per yd: Tolex is 18" wide and sold by the linear yard (36"). In other words, If you order 1 it will be piece 18" wide by 36" long. Order 2 and it will be a piece 18" wide by 72" long etc.
  • 34" wide per yd: Same as above except in 34" wide -If you order 1 you'll get a piece 34" wide by 36" long. 2 will be a piece 34" wide by 72" long etc.
  • 54" wide per yd: Full 54" wide piece sold by the linear yd. 1yd will be a piece 54" wide by 36" long. 2yds will be a piece 54" wide by 72" long etc
  • 2x12 kit: Includes a 3yd (108in) piece of 18" wide material to wrap the cabinet (top bottom and two sides), and a 24"x34" piece for your back panel.
  • 4x12 kit: Includes a 4yd (144in) piece of 18" wide material to wrap the cabinet (top bottom and two sides), and a 36"x34" piece for your back panel.


18" and 34" inch:
2yds 5% off!
3yds 10% off!
4yds 15% off!
5+yds 20% off!
2x12 and 4x12 kits:
Buy 2 or more and get 15% off!
54" (full width):
5-9yds = 10% off!
10+yds = 15% off!

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Multi-toned tolex - black over dark green Similar to Marshall dark green

Item# Item Name Your Price! Qty Add
TTBE47-18 British Emerald bronco tolex - 18" wide (per yard)
TTBE47-34 British Emerald bronco tolex - 34" wide (per yard)
TTBE47-54 British Emerald bronco tolex - 54" wide (per yard)
TTBE47-2X12 British Emerald bronco tolex - 2x12 kit
TTBE47-4X12 British Emerald bronco tolex - 4x12 kit
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How much will you need? :
Since most guitar cabinets are only about 10 or 12 inches deep the 18" width tolex should give you enough to cover the depth of the cabinet and to wrap around the edges. Measure around your cabinet (top, bottom, left and right sides) then order enough to wrap all the way around in one piece. Don't forget to order enough for the back panel if your cabinet has one. It is your responsibility to measure and order what you need, but here's a general rule of thumb.

•Most 1x10 or 1x12 speaker cabinets or combo amps will require 2 yds of 18" wide material -don't forget to include enough for your back panel if applicable.
•Most 2x12 combos will require 3 yds. of 18" wide material. Again, don't forget to include enough for your back panel if applicable. (or just order our 2x12 combo kit)

•Most 4x12 cabinets will require 4 yds of 18" wide material, plus back panel (or our 4x12 cab kit)

If you need more help measuring and installing check out our blog articles;
(you can also link to our "product how to articles" in the navigation menu to the left for lots of other helpful stuff)

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